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Tetrinet is a multiplayer tetris variant. On this tetris variant, two players must compete, trying not only to clear lines, but at the same time, attack the opponent with Block Powers! Just don't say I didn't warn you: this game is extremely addictive.

This incarnation of Tetrinet is programmed for the MSX platform, and the complete game, including graphics and music, has only 4kb!

How to Load

This game is meant to be run from the MSX BASIC environment. Insert the disk containing TETRINET.BIN in your drive, and then type:


If you're using an emulator, you will need to create a disk image before playing. The recommended emulator for MSX beginners is BlueMSX. To play Tetrinet in this emulator, first you need to create a Windows Folder containing only the TETRINET.BIN file. Then start BlueMSX and press Right ALT+F9. This will open the "Insert Directory" menu. Select the folder where you placed the TETRINET.BIN file and start emulation. After this, just type the BLOAD command above.

The game screen

Before you start to play, familiarize yourself with the game screen:

Two players play at the same time, player 1 controls the right field, player 2 controls the left field. Right below the playfield you can see the Block Powers each player has stored. On this example, player 1 has the R power, and player 2 has no block powers available.

In the center of the screen, each player has a NEXT field, displaying what will be the next block. Right below the NEXT field, each player has a log space, each time a block power is used on the player, the name of the power will be displayed there.

The Controls

The game can be played with keyboard or joystick:

Player 1Player 2
Move block leftCursor leftJoy 1 left AJoy 2 left
Move block rightCursor rightJoy 1 right DJoy 2 right
Move block downCursor downJoy 1 down SJoy 2 down
Rotate blockCursor upJoy 1 up WJoy 2 up
Drop block downSpacebarJoy 1, Button A Caps LockJoy 2, Button A
Power SelectMJoy 1, Button B TabJoy 2, Button B

When there is a Block Power available, you have three possible commands:

If you want to abort the game, just press CONTROL+STOP. Pressing CONTROL+STOP while in the intro screen returns you to the MSX BASIC environment.

The Rules

Just like in the original tetris, you can pile up your blocks, and if one or more lines are filled, they will be removed from your playfield. Try to remove more than one line at a time, since this will send lines to your opponent!

Also, for every line you remove from your playfield, one of your blocks will turn into a Special Block. These blocks are white and have a letter inside. If you manage to clear a line containing a Special Block, it will be added to your Block Powers collection, just below the playfield.

You can use these Block Powers on yourself or in your opponent. Each Block Power has a different effect:


Use your imagination and extract the most of the Block Powers!

There are many possibilities, you can think up a new strategy for yourself!



This game was programmed by Ricardo Bittencourt. The main music was designed by Alex Sato. The original version of Tetrinet was created by St0rmCat. This manual was revised by Cyberknight and Vanessa Sabino.

This game requires an MSX compatible computer with 16kb of RAM. The game adapts itself for 50Hz or 60Hz, so the music will be always played at the same speed. Special care was taken to preserve the BASIC environment, so you can return to BASIC after playing, without even losing the program you were working on. This game was programmed in Assembly, and portions of it have been superoptimized. No penguins were harmed during the making of this game. Enjoy Tetrinet and have fun!

Autor: Ricardo Bittencourt
Data: 2004.09.27
Copyright © 2004 Ricardo Bittencourt