Hikaru no Go GBA Translation


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Hikaru no Go is a great manga/anime about the game of Go. Being both a Go addict and a handheld addict, I was very pleased when I saw the Hikaru no Go GBA videogame. While it's not strong (about 23kyuu only), the game is great for some quick matches when you don't have a Go partner available. The Go tutorial presented in the game is also quite nice for beginners.

However, the game was released only in japanese language. In this page, I present a translated version of the game. The texts are almost all translated, most of the graphics are still pending. In the future there's going to be a portuguese translation too.

All the translation tools are open source and multiplatform, written in java with xml. If you want to help in this project, please contact us. Have fun with the translation!


Current version: 2017-07-18

Patch: hikago-2017-07-18.zip. You will need an IPS patcher to use this file.

Translation tools and script are available on the project github.


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sshot sshot
Translation by macmillan333 and Ricardo Bittencourt
Thanks to Maryana Alegro, Wilerson de Oliveira, Murilo Queiroz, Reinaldo Quaresma, Cyberknight.